Introducing the 2017 Undergraduate of the Year winners

Traditionally, our Undergraduates of the Year have come from all over the UK, studying a vast range of degrees and 2017 was no different. Konnie Huq read out the names of the TARGETjobs Undergraduate of the Year 2017 finalists from every corner of Britain, studying a huge variety of subjects, from physics with astronomy to Russian studies with politics and everything in between.

The calibre of our finalists was proven yet again by their impressive CVs jam-packed with extracurricular achievements and impressive experience so early on in their careers. As always, the judging process was made almost impossible by the shared enthusiasm, energy and passion of every student in the room.

Nevertheless, 12 winners were selected with the help of our partner CEB Talent Assessmentâ„¢. CEB specialises in helping make these tough decisions with so many top-quality candidates. Using science-based assessments, benchmark data, state-of-the-art recruitment solution technologies and its unmatched experience, CEB worked closely with our Award partners to try to find not only the best candidates, but the best candidates who would be the best fit for our partners.

As always, our winners proved their status as Undergraduates of the Year and are set to kick-start their careers with unparalleled work experience and internship opportunities with our Award partners.


Hear from past winners and finalists of the Undergraduate of the Year Awards. We asked them to reveal all about their experience, the application process and their tips for students thinking of following in their footsteps. Just click on the images to read their blogs.

Adam Tilley One to Watch

Alex Stickler One to Watch

Alexander Young Management

Amy Lees Mathematics, Economics and Finance

Andrew Jamieson Future Leader in Business

Angus Gillan Male

Cedric Blanc Male

Ekaterina Christova Future Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Jade Davis Computer Science, IT and Physics

Jodie Howlett Female

Kieran Stone Computer Science, IT and Physics

Kirsten Alexander-McGarry Management

Matthew Welsh Construction and Engineering

Oliver Haddon Future Leader in Business

Pawel Guzik First Year

Serena Gough Construction and Engineering

Shannon Balram One to Watch

Stuart Watson Engineering

Tai Yan Lee First Year

Trisha Saxena Female