Introducing the 2015 Undergraduate of the Year winners

The 2015 winners

The winners of the 2015 TARGETjobs Undergraduate of the Year competition were announced by Fiona Bruce at a glittering ceremony in London. And what a list! Between them, these fantastic students have climbed mountains, set up businesses, won numerous other awards and raised thousands of pounds for charity. They are all excellent students – but they’ve done a lot more than study.

The Undergraduates of the Year come from degree backgrounds ranging from natural sciences to French and Italian and from universities from Cambridge to the Open University, but what they all have in common is awe-inspiring energy, drive and dedication. The announcement of the awards created a flurry of activity on Twitter, with everybody involved keen to share their excitement.

The awards are run in association with CEB Talent Assessment™, a specialist in helping graduate recruiters assess, select and develop the right people using science-based assessments, benchmark data, technologies and consultancy services. They worked closely with all of the employers sponsoring the awards to devise processes that would help prioritise key skills and competencies.

The winners are the closest fit possible for the culture and work of the sponsoring employers, so if you want to get an idea of what top recruiters are looking for, take a look through the brief biographical details below.

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Hear from past winners and finalists of the Undergraduate of the Year Awards. We asked them to reveal all about their experience, the application process and their tips for students thinking of following in their footsteps. Just click on the images to read their blogs.

Aataullah Naser Future Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Aleksandra Pedraszewska Female

Alexander Mäkelä Male

Andrew Wilson Low Carbon

Aysel Kucuksu Languages

Cara Goldthorpe Law

Chelsea Jarvie Computer Science

Daniel Tascon Future Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Harrison Dent Male

Jessica Dowdy Construction and Engineering

Jessica Rafter Engineering

Kate Nichols Management

Katy Barlow Mathematics, Economics and Finance

Laura Mckechnie Future Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Lauren Dwyer Management

Leon Man Male

Luthfilaudri Nadhira Low Carbon

Lynne Howie Future Leader in Business

Nathan Craig Management

Sam Bowen Future Leader in Business

Yatin Vadhia Computer Science