Taking part in the Undergraduate of the Year competition changed my life...

Had I not participated, I would never have had the opportunity to go to New York with the most amazing itinerary ever. By taking part, I met exceptional people and made a massive difference to my future. It is definitely worth the application. However far you get, you will get something out of it. Whether it is new friends, business contacts, application experience or just some more knowledge, it is worth it. My advice would be to seize every opportunity and just go for it!

The process is by no means easy. It began with an online application, a 500-word essay and some competency assessments. The next stage was a video presentation. I found this quite a fun project because the title was open-ended and I could explore topics of interest to me. Finally, there was an assessment centre. It was quite a relaxed environment with engaging group discussions and a fun challenge at the end. I was delighted to have made it through these rounds. All the candidates were remarkable and I look forward to seeing what they go on to achieve!

The grand final was a spectacular event held in Canary Wharf. I felt special when I walked in. The room was elegantly decorated and there was a string quartet playing in the background. It was a strange realisation that everyone was gathered to celebrate our achievements. After a delicious meal, the presentation ceremony began and I remember holding my breath as each winner was announced. When it got to the Future CFO category, I was simply smiling and clapping. It took me a few seconds to realise it was in fact my name that had been called. Collecting my trophy was such a proud moment for me and on top of that I was reminded that I had won a once-in-a-lifetime trip to NYC too!

It is a great honour to have won the Future CFO Award. I am extremely grateful to ACCA and TARGETjobs for giving me this wonderful opportunity to realise my potential. I leave for NYC tomorrow for what will be one of the best experiences of my life. I hope to learn so much more about the industry and the work that ACCA does. I am particularly excited to attend the Yacht reception and the 100 Most Powerful Women’s luncheon. Of course, I am thrilled to see NYC too. I promise I will have New York New York blasting as I land tomorrow.