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Are you the Undergraduate of the Year for Impactful Social Action?

We're searching UK universities to find the outstanding Undergraduate of the Year for Impactful Social Action. You must have the potential to become an impactful leader and the drive to go the extra mile.


A paid summer internship, where you'll have the opportunity to develop your commitment to social action, plus a place on Teach First's Taster Programme! You'll spend two days attending skills workshops, meeting pupils from the schools Teach First works with and networking with its partners and recruitment team. By the end of the experience, you'll have an exceptional insight into the work Teach First is doing to end educational inequality, understand more about their Leadership Development Programme and gain a good understanding of the value of embedding youth social action across society.


We are delighted to introduce the 2019 finalists for this award.

Alice Abrey | Cardiff University | Human and Social Sciences

Anisha Johal | University of Derby | English

Camilla Angelotti | King's College London, University of London | History

Daniel Adebayo | University of Leicester | Law

Daniyal Zafar | University of Birmingham | Mechanical Engineering

Hannah Tayab | King's College London, University of London | Law

Julia Cass Hebron | University of York | English Language and Linguistics

Olamide Duyile | London School of Economics and Political Science, University of London | Economic History

Rory Daniels | King's College London, University of London | Political Economy


Samir Badaro | University of Bristol | Criminology

What makes an award winner?

Our winner will be able to demonstrate their potential to become an impactful leader and their strength in the values and competencies we look for:

  • Humility, respect and empathy. At Teach First we work with a variety of stakeholders – from pupils to parents, teachers and peers. We look for people who can build relationships quickly and value and respect others in order to get the best out of them.
  • Interaction. The ability to communicate clearly and listen and respond appropriately is very important, as is adapting your style in different situations and contributing as a great team player.
  • Leadership. You will need to be proactive and make decisions on a daily basis as you strive to go above and beyond expectations. Taking the lead will be crucial for success.
  • Planning and organisation. You will need to work efficiently and effectively to meet deadlines and deliver successfully.
  • Problem solving. Every day you will face new challenges and will have to come up with considered, effective and appropriate solutions in response. While using resources and logic, you will also need to draw upon your creativity and innovation to be successful.
  • Resilience. You will need to be hungry for a challenge and be able to draw upon your patience and endless energy to persevere through the difficult times. When faced with obstacles, you will need to be tenacious and versatile and maintain a positive mindset.
  • Self-evaluation. Personal development is vital for long-term success. You will need to be aware of your performance, your strengths and your weaknesses and you will need to be realistic about what and how you can do better.

The winner of the Undergraduate of the Year Award for Impactful Social Action will be personally involved in meaningful social action and be able to articulate the double benefit of this action (to themselves and to their community) through examples that bring their experiences to life. They will be able to demonstrate how they have gone the extra mile to develop projects and used their initiative to create a positive difference for others – and how this has led to sustainable change.

How do I win?


Register your details online and answer three questions set by #iwill and Teach First.

Must be completed by 30.01.19

Online tests

Receive an email inviting you to sit two online tests designed exclusively by our partner SHL.

Must be completed by 30.01.19

Submit by 30.01.19

Your details must be submitted and all online tests completed by 30 January 2019.

If you are successful in getting through to the next stage, you will hear from us by 1 March 2019.

Assessment centre

If you pass the online tests and make it to the next stage your application will be reviewed by #iwill and Teach First.

This stage will include a telephone interview and an assessment centre on 13th March.

Grand final

The final shortlist of ten students will be invited to the awards ceremony at Canary Wharf, where the 2019 award winners will be announced!

#iwill, Teach First and the Undergraduate of the Year Award for Impactful Social Action


The #iwill campaign is a UK-wide movement that aims to make involvement in meaningful social action (eg fundraising, volunteering and campaigning) part of life for young people by 2020. Youth social action is ‘young people taking practical action in the service of others to create positive change’. Youth social action creates a double benefit, strengthening communities AND developing the skills of participants. Social action transforms character and improves well-being, developing 21st century skills that employers are calling for and helping to create socially responsible leaders for the future.

We know young people are already doing fantastic things in their communities but there are many more who have still not played their part. We want to ensure that ALL young people get access to social action opportunities – creating a habit for life, developing vital skills and making a positive impact on their communities. We know that social action in formal and non-formal education can increase opportunities to succeed; that’s why Teach First is a key partner (along with over 700 other organisations UK-wide) that supports the #iwill campaign.

Watch a video about the #iwill campaign here.

Teach First

Teach First is a charity working for equality in education in England and Wales. Our two-year Leadership Development Programme provides world-class teacher and leadership training for people who are passionate about giving children from the poorest backgrounds a great education.

Joining the Leadership Development Programme means more than just teaching. It means leading young minds, forging relationships and having an impact that lasts far beyond the last day of school. It means building a better future for each and every child.

At Teach First we value the skills and attributes developed through meaningful social action. We are keen to hear from students who can describe the impact of this on themselves and others, and can put what they have learned into practice to help build a fairer society and equality in education for all.

Find out more about Teach First here.

Entry criteria

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