Back in 2011, I applied for the Undergraduate of the Year Awards. I was a regular university student, no different to my peers. The application process really helped me to focus on understanding my strengths, achievements and, most importantly, my passion for the engineering industry.

When I received the notification that I was shortlisted and invited to the next phase of assessments, I was ecstatic. As I prepared for the next round, I was driven to grow my appreciation and understanding of the industry.

Even though I didn’t win the award, I was within the top ten and the journey that I embarked on provided an invaluable experience, which emphasised that ‘success is a journey and not a destination’. The experience taught me how to form the correct mind-set for future job applications, and gave me an insight into how the industry operates and the types of challenges faced.

Since applying for the award, I enrolled on the graduate scheme at Airbus. The skills I learned from the Undergraduate of the Year Awards were a major contributor to the success of my application. It’s now six years on within the company and I am a chartered engineer. I’m proud to have worked on some of the most exciting and rewarding projects, which I consider to be some of my biggest achievements.