My experience of the Undergraduate of the Year Awards journey has been one to remember. I never imagined that I would reach the final.

Initially I was hesitant to apply as I did not think I would get very far in the competition; however I thought it was worth a shot after I received from TARGETjobs and my university. The application process was very challenging – especially the online tests, as they were relatively new to me. I did not expect to reach the assessment centre nor the awards ceremony and was completely ecstatic to hear that I was successful in reaching the final.

The final itself was an amazing experience. I had the opportunity to meet all of my fellow candidates and got to know them very well, but of course the highlight was meeting Rachel Riley. It was a shame not to win, but I regularly stayed in touch with all my fellow candidates and was able to build a good network within Gazprom Energy. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and would encourage all students to apply to the 2019 Undergraduate of the Year Awards.

I have now completed my internship with Gazprom Energy and have had an absolutely amazing time. Due to other commitments I could only do a four-week internship; however Gazprom were very understanding of my situation and tailored the internship to my needs. I had a wonderful time learning about the energy industry and got on very well with all my colleagues. I felt a real sense of togetherness while I was there thanks to the social activities we had at lunch. I could feel the trust from my line manager, which really helped to inspire me to work hard.

I was trained by my fellow colleagues in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and was given the opportunity to understand how Gazprom Energy operates. I felt I was given real responsibility while I was there and hence was able to contribute to the team effort. I have gained several skills that I did not have prior to my internship, for example using VBA for automation. A few months on, I am still in contact with my line manager and would definitely like to return sometime in the future.