Upon hearing about the awards, while browsing online and looking at the previous winners, I was reluctant to apply as I thought it would be an incredibly difficult process, but I decided to take my chances and give it a shot!

The application process was very friendly, which made me much more relaxed. Initially, I filled out a simple application form, highlighting my qualities! After this, there was a programming test. Upon clearing those, there was a final round assessment centre, which was a really fun day, filled with challenging activities, cool ideas and a lot of friendly conversations.

After about a week, I got a phone call while I was riding my bike to university, I quickly stopped and answered the call and it was an invitation to the final ceremony – I was now officially a “finalist for Undergraduate of the Year!” I couldn’t wait to see all the people from the assessment centre again. My university made a post about it and it was such an amazing feeling.

The best part of the ceremony was being surrounded by such talented people, doing such fantastic work for their communities, in such an amazing venue. I felt privileged to be surrounded by such incredible people, and to be among them was even more outstanding.
It’s definitely going to make a big difference to my careers prospects in the future, being part of such a prestigious group of individuals.

The advice I would give to anyone applying next year is simply GO FOR IT! If you don’t apply you can never win, and I’ve literally experienced it first-hand, so make sure you apply!