I heard about the Management Undergraduate of the Year Award from an email that I was sent from TARGETjobs. I had never heard about the award before, but I was fascinated by the opportunities that the award offered.

The first step in the application process was the online form, questions and tests. I sent the application off well before the deadline and forgot all about it. I was then sent an email a month later, stating that I had reached the next level and I would have a telephone interview with someone from Enterprise Rent-A-Car, the award partner. I was extremely excited but also quite nervous. I did my research about the business and ensured that I was able to ask questions about the future of the business as I hoped that one day I would be part of the future of Enterprise. The day of the telephone interview arrived: I put on my suit and made sure I had my phone on loud while I rehearsed my answers for possible questions. After the telephone interview, I was told by email that I had successfully passed the interview stage and had been invited to the assessment centre at Enterprise Rent-A-Car in Egham.

I was extremely nervous about the assessment centre and turned up an hour and a half early. However, when I arrived I was greeted with smiley faces, enthusiasm and kindness. The first thing we did in the assessment centre was a group activity, followed by a role play and finishing with an interview. During this assessment centre, I was able to meet recruiters from around the country who worked at Enterprise and they gave me some fantastic advice about what I should do next to ensure that I achieve my goals when it comes to my future career. After the assessment centre was finished, we all went back to university and waited for the announcement of the final ten individuals who would be attending the Undergraduate of the Year Awards Ceremony. I was then called four days later to be informed that I had made it to the final and I would be attending the ceremony in Canary Wharf.

The run up to the final was incredibly daunting but we all tried our best to connect with one another on LinkedIn and tried to do as much research as we could on the business and the respected individuals that represent the company. When I arrived on the day, I met the other finalists and discussed how far everyone’s journey was and what university they were from. It was not at all tense as all the finalists really got along and we were all encouraging one another to stay calm and positive throughout the day. It was nice to see some friendly faces from the individuals who were there at the assessment centre that I attended, as five of the finalists were in the same assessment centre as myself. After some networking and meeting everyone, we went downstairs for the three-course meal and speeches. I was with some lovely individuals who did not just make me feel at ease, but also taught me a few valuable lessons about what companies I should apply for and how important it is to know the ethos of a company before you apply to ensure that it is suitable for what you are looking for. It was a brilliant day and something that I will never forget.

The Management Undergraduate of the Year Award and Enterprise will help my career in the future as it will help me stand out against other individuals who have very impressive CVs. I also think that it will help me in my future career goal to become a management consultant as it will develop my communication and problem-solving skills as well teach me more about how businesses work and the fundamental skills needed to be an effective and successful manager or leader.

If I were to give advice to anyone thinking about applying to the Undergraduate of the Year Awards next year, I would say just do it. You have no idea how far you will get and you will thank yourself at the end, no matter how far you get. It is a great experience and something that you will never forget.

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