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My experience was beyond what I expected from the start of the application process to being one of the Top 10 Finalist for The Undergraduate of the Year 2022.

As a first-generation student who has caring responsibilities this opportunity was truly an honour to gain. My experience was beyond what I expected from the start of the application process to being one of the Top 10 Finalist for The Undergraduate of the Year 2022.

When I came across this competition through my university newsletter, I was particularly curious about the ‘Excellence through Adversity’ award. I applied since it suited me best with my personal circumstances. I was curious to see what kind of opportunities I would be open to after applying so I trusted my gut and went for it. Whilst I am a law student, you would question on why I applied for this particular award in an engineering field, however it does not matter what degree you do or what specific qualifications you have attained. Take it from me! If you believe you can do it, go for it – challenge yourself, see how much you can achieve with both confidence and determination!

Fast forward to 2022 in March I received a call from Rolls Royce stating that I have been shortlisted to the Top 20 and was invited to the assessment centre! This was my first ever assessment centre and it was truly an incredible experience. You have the opportunity to experience what is involved at an assessment centre and what it’s like! The experience and knowledge is limitless. To be shortlisted as 1 of the Top 20 out of 3968 applications was delightful! Once the assessment centre was completed, the wait was intense. Soon after a week, I received a call from Rolls Royce and was told that I have made it to have made it to the final Top 10 and have secured a summer internship with them!

The whole experience was truly fulfilling and I learnt so much during the process. I was honoured to have met and networked with such incredible seniors at Rolls Royce and like-minded individuals at the awards ceremony.

This opportunity significantly boosted my personal brand and networking opportunities. I am beyond grateful that despite as many obstacles I had when applying I managed to submit the application. I probably would not have been where I am today had I not applied for this opportunity, so do go for it! You just never know where this opportunity can take you – such as from just studying a degree to receiving an internship filled with invaluable experience at a global company like Rolls Royce.

With this opportunity, I have been able to stand out from the crowd especially when it comes to applications and applying for law opportunities, which as law students may know a very competitive industry!

targetjobs were incredible and so supportive – they had made the whole experience so special. This was a significant confidence boost. I received kind messages on the day of the awards ceremony from targetjobs wishing us a final congratulation! It was so heart-warming to feel special and be recognised after achieving such a great milestone!