Are you the Future Business Leader of the Year?

Entry criteria

We're searching the best universities in the UK to find the outstanding future business leader of the year. We're looking for a winning mix of personal skills, career motivation and an excellent academic record.

To enter you must:

  • be in your penultimate or final year of an undergraduate degree at a UK university.
  • have a minimum of 300 UCAS points or equivalent.
  • be expecting at least a 2.1.
  • show evidence of leadership ability, positions of responsibility, of exceeding expectations, seizing opportunities and driving change.

Closing date for entries is 4 February 2015.

Awards ceremony takes place on 24 April 2015 at Canary Wharf, London.

WIN: A paid internship for summer 2015, with the potential for a graduate job starting in 2015 or 2016 and a 5-day trip to Mars Dubai!

How do I win?

WIN: A paid internship for summer 2015, with the potential for a graduate job starting in 2015 or 2016 and a 5-day trip to Mars Dubai!

It’s not easy to win the Undergraduate of the Year Award and competition will be fierce. The process is demanding and only the truly outstanding and committed will make it to the last ten. There are three stages that you’ll have to get through.

Stage 1

Register online to submit your personal data and answer three special questions posed by Mars.

Stage 2

Once you have completed Stage 1 and submitted your application, you will be invited to complete three online tests designed exclusively by our partners SHL, the world’s leading assessment provider. The online assessment will take you around two hours to complete (although you don’t have to complete it in one visit) and will include a situational judgement test, OPQ test and an inductive reasoning test. We will then invite up to 60 candidates to the next stage after the closing date on 4 February 2015.
Stage 1 and Stage 2 must be complete by midday on 4 February. 

Stage 3

The best-matched students (according to the results of the online tests) make it through to the second stage. This will involve two rounds of assessments led by Mars, the second of which will be face to face. The first round (telephone interviews) is due to take place on either the week beginning the 23rd February or week beginning the 2nd March. The second round will take place on 16 March. Mars will then decide on a shortlist of ten from the undergraduates who pass the first and second stages.

Stage 4

The final shortlist of ten is invited to the Undergraduate of the Year Awards in Canary Wharf, London on 24 April 2015 where the winner will be announced.

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Read more about last years winner Baran Ceylan.


Mars and the Future Business Leader of the Year

Mars has an excellent track record in developing great leaders who have gone on to lead businesses both within Mars and other large UK and global corporations. We have a strong development culture and view our graduate talent as playing a vital role in securing the future success of the business. Consequently we have a lot of experience in identifying and nurturing great future talent and see the Future Business Leader award as an excellent way of identifying and supporting students by providing: an insight into our business, access to our senior leaders and opportunities to gain experience. We see the award as a great initiative, set up to recognise and inspire future leaders and we love being able to play a part in helping individuals begin to realise their leadership potential.

What makes an award winner?

The winner will be someone who can display a high level of business acumen, clearly understand basic business principles and who has a perspective of the challenges going on within the business world and the FMCG sector in particular. They will be someone who enjoys leading, motivating and inspiring others. They should enjoy the different viewpoints others can bring and be able to flex their own style to build effective relationships easily.

They should have a good level of self-awareness, being able to articulate their strengths while also being comfortable talking about their areas for development. They should have a clear view as to the type of leader they want to be and why.

They should be quite creative in their thinking, coming up with ideas, identifying opportunities and turning them into a reality. They shouldn’t be afraid to take risks and have the drive to plot their way through problems and overcome challenges to deliver exceptional results.

Find out more about us and our graduate programmes at:

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Previous winner

Future Business Leader of the Year

Baran being presented with the award by Julie Digby, People and Organisation Director at Mars Chocolate, Mars

Baran Ceylan, Business Administration, University of Bath

He was awarded PwC and Bright-Futures’ UK National Business Champion in 2011, after co-founding the award wining start-up, Recollar. With his passion and flair for business, he recently founded Wordme, the Universal Greetings Card Company. Baran has already obtained financial backing from several investors, currently employs four staff, and has secured retailers across the UK. Furthermore, he has accrued over a years work experience in the UK, Dubai and Turkey, having completed two six-month placements at Unilever and L’Oreal, as well as summer internships at PwC and AkBank.

Read more about last years winner Baran Ceylan.